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Kiriza came to existence for three reasons:

  1. To provide an online hub for Owners, Agencies, Agents and Managers to promote their vacant property for the general community to see, and purchase or rent. We noticed that many people are forced to rely to stickers, their resources (website) and word of mouth to let the world know about their heavily invested properties.
  2. To provide basic information about different places here in Tanzania. All this was done to help the buyer know a thing or two about the area he or she is moving to. This information is found in the Location Information on our website. Through the survey, we carried out in getting this information (I can’t thank them enough).
  3. To create, promote and spearhead trust in an industry that has been disrespected and wrongly exploited for a long time now.

We are honest, vigilant, young and striving to be competent business that accepts negative and positive criticism in our journey to being the best at what we are doing. To achieve this status, we plan to be working closely with the Real Estate Industry which we hope to serve.

What we are proud of is the fact that the market is yearning for our services. The little survey we carried out resulted to us meeting a “dalali” in Segerea who was intrigued by the platform we have created. We are proud of our workers who tediously strive to take us to new heights. They are competent, respecting, passionate, zealous, charming and understanding to all customer needs. The suggestions, hard work and sacrifice they make, play a big role in serving the public.

Our customers are part of our family…our real estate family. After all, putting the business aside, we are all humans. We care and respect you before you extend the care to us. We service, welcome and respond to your queries as soon as you present them to us. In short, we strive hard to be a step ahead, so that you don’t have a pinch of fuss in your system whilst working with us.

Strategy & Vision

  1. Vision Statement

To be the best real estate marketplace that equips its clients with all the tools and knowledge to take Tanzania’s real estate industry to new heights.

      2.   Mission Statement

To provide a platform that enables social and economic interactions in the Real Estate Eco-System.

     3.   Values

  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Connection and Representation
  • Flair and Good Grooming
  • Honesty and Tenacity
  • Support and Care

     4. Business goals & objectives

  • To provide a bridge among tenants, land lords and service providers (business people) through a secured, state of the art system and website.
  • To expose employees to wonderful programs in the field of real estate, while also encouraging them to attend seminars, write papers and continuously keep up to date with Real Estate world.
  • To encourage them to write weekly reports which will be used for self-evaluation among employees, with the plan to get better than before.
  • To encourage employees to have and consult mentors. These role models will play a big role in their development not just in work, but in their basic human level as learned individuals in the society.


As Bob Marley once said, Different colors…One people. We treat everyone equally and provide the same level of care and respect without any bias, so please don’t feel shy to contact us or work with us.

Kiriza is an equal opportunity employer, supports the National Housing Corporation Act, 1990 and the Land Act (Amended), 2004. Kiriza – All rights reserved.