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Not all content published on this site was ours. We would like to first thank the people that helped out in LocInfo (Location Information) and the owners of the mentioned websites and blogs. We couldn’t have done this without you. Saving the last for the best, we would like to thank the Government of Tanzania for the consensus carried out in 2002.

1. Studio Makula Company

2. Said Abdallah and Athumani Selemani
3. Mshindo Ali
4. Rahma Bweti
5. Irene Kiriwaggulu
6. Freddy Lyimo
7. Rabia Mumba
8. Mohammed/ Vital Supplies Ltd (Pharmacy)
9. Zuberi
10. Dubai Mobile Phones Shop
11. Hussein Alli
12. Singida Ndiyo Kwetu Shoe Shine
13. Emmanuel Daudi Mbeyela
14. Tip-Top Collection Shop
15. Mafuvu Shoe Shinner/ Mshindo Ali
16. Maulidi
17. Jackie/Richard/Noel/Begma
18. Hamis Shop
19. Abeli Rashid
20. Jania Abdul

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Photo by Shalom Mwenesi on Unsplash

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Social Media Picture by Dedicated Office

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