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Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Energy in Real Estate

Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Energy in Real Estate


Solar Energy is the renewable energy got from the energy, which can be used in homes, apartments and other properties to power up appliances and reduce on the overall costs. Below are some of the pro and cons of this energy source.

Pros of Solar Energy

  1. Renewable.
  2. Abundant.
  3. Sustainable.
  4. Reduced Electricity Costs.
  5. Low Maintenance.
  6. Technology is improving.



Cons of Solar Energy

  1. Expensive.
  2. Intermittent.
  3. Associated with Pollution.
  4. Require Large Area for Setup.
  5. Solar Cells Effectiveness vs Air Pollution.
  6. Power Production During the Day Only.

Despite the cons of Solar Energy, the technology giants like Tesla Motors are producing Batteries that will soon be affordable enough for home consumption.



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