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Technology, research and factual presentations are essential to our business. We prefer to be real in assessing different situations and establishments (property) before a client takes it.

Customer service is important; this is why it is high on our priority list. Through social media, business address, phone numbers among others, we welcome clients, partners, sponsors and all the well-wishers to work with us as often as possible.

The business does not allow any clients to mistreat our employees. If they do, a warning will be issued and if the misbehaving person or entity continue, the business will terminate our contract with them. As important as money is, self-worth is more important and we are not willing to let our team suffer at the expense of making an extra penny.

The business prefers a team that complements our strengths and solve our weaknesses. As a business, we give priority to understanding our own powers and vulnerabilities. This is because we believe it is important for us to know ourselves as deeply as possible.

Being the ‘wonderkid’ and newbie in the industry, we plan to take in as much as possible, while sharing the little that we know. This is done through blogging, presentations or speaking at conferences. We are willing to do so as long as doing so does not compromise our business.

Giving back to the community. Kiriza knows for it to nurture, it needs the support and constant interaction with the community. With that in mind, we are willing to economically, morally and socially assist in any way possible.

To err is to human, when we are wrong, we will apologize and when we are right, our word is final. This works hand in hand with our brutal evaluation as a business and as individuals. Still the errors might occur hence the rectification and learning process occur. As stated in our privacy policy, if a client/customer loses 50 dollars and below due to our negligence, we shall refund it.

Our employees play a big role in the development of the business. Employees who are deemed to be competent enough will be asked to become shareholders, since their role and involvement in the day to day activities will be paramount in business and fellow worker’s evaluation.

Times are very dramatic; the future is unpredictable hence the ups and downs our business goes through.  We relate with our employees on a personal and professional level. Furthermore, the dark cloud can be taken away through evaluation (self and external), training and coaching. Whatever can be done will be done to ensure they are back on their feet.

We understand that actions and luck play hand in hand in business and personal growth. We have known this since school days and have seen it in action for a long time. Through community involvement, attending seminars and conferences, luck can be created. Still it requires action to turn the lucrative opportunity into a potential deal before closing it.

Lastly, it is never a Me, Myself and I as Beyoncé said but Us, Ourselves and We at Kiriza.